For Mature or Maturing Skin.


• Activates youthful skin 14 ways

• Addresses the 5 key processes biologists believe have most impact on cellular aging

• Fourteen different signs of aging are corrected within 2 days to 3 months

• Unlike any other anti-aging formula on the market • Contains 5 anti-aging technologies in 1 perfect solution

• Over a decade of research, multiple patents

• 85% natural (including water)

• Amplifies effects of treatment modalities & procedures

Cell Youth Actíf

  • Activate and restore the youthful nature of your skin with this exclusive combination of five anti-aging cell technologies. As its lightweight texture melts into the skin, this serum works overtime to correct 14 signs of aging including:

    1. Lines & wrinkles minimized

    2. Firmness repaired

    3. Contours redefined

    4. Clarity revealed

    5. Tone evened

    6. Hydration intensified

    7. Smoothness refined

    8. Radiance awakened

    9. Redness calmed

    10. Puffiness eliminated

    11. Sun damage diminished

    12. Fragile skin strengthened

    13. Vitality recharged

    14. Repair enhanced.

    In a four-week consumer test, 4 out of 5 people who used this product twice a day reported the following:

    • On contact | skin is visibly smooth, comfortably hydrated

    • Within 2 days | redness & puffiness are dramatically reduced

    • Within 2 weeks | radiance, vitality & repair are clearly enhanced

    • Within 6 weeks |clarity, lines, firmness & sun damage are noticeably improved

    • Within 3 months | wrinkles may be radically diminished & contours redefined This lightweight serum won’t flake, crack, peel or discolor. When stored in a cool, dark area, the stability of this formula is guaranteed for at least one year.

    Does not contain parabens, formaldehyde-donor preservatives, fragrance, essential oils, colorants, phthalates, bisphenol A, propylene glycol, dioxine, or toluene.