For over 40 years, benzoyl peroxide has been one of the most effective treatments for acne. However, most traditional benzoyl peroxide formulas contain benzoyl peroxide particles that are larger than the average human pore (50 microns). This can lead to decreased efficiency, instability and skin irritations. Our unique BP formulation contains specially milled benzoyl peroxide particles that are less than 10 microns. These small and stable particles allow the product to penetrate the pores more efficiently to eliminate the P. acnes bacteria with less irritation.

Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment 10%

SKU: PL073
  • Directions: Start with one application per day, every other day for two weeks. Then, you may begin applying daily, up to twice per day, AM and PM. Spot treat or spread thin layer to entire breakout area. Follow with sunscreen during the day.